These are unsolicited testimonials and reviews that can be found on our Etsy store reviews.

“We have volume 1 and volume 2 of the interactive Book of Mormon stories and my kids have loved them! Even after a year they still enjoy them. What a great quiet activity for sacrament meeting. I have even pulled the books out a few times for the sunbeams when we need a time-filler and they love them too. The illustrations are bright and fun, and the book really is “interactive,” so it keeps my kids happy and allows them to become familiar with the Book of Mormon stories at the same time.”

“This is a great baptism gift!”

“I’m excited to bring these to church to keep my little ones quiet during sacrament meeting”

“I love the colors in these books. Looks like they were hand painted. So beautiful. My son loves these books.”

“So cute and download came promptly. Can’t wait to use them. Love this product. Would definitely order from here again.”

“Very cool! We use it for learning, play, entertainment…we use it all the time. Love it!”

“My kids love these books and keep them quiet!! Everyone around me asks about them. Thanks”

“My girls love playing with these during church. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent!”

“Natalie was great to work with! She seems like such a great person – very positive in all of her communication. The set also looks fabulous! The directions are great and make it seem like it won’t be too hard to get the book completed! Thanks, Natalie! So excited to make this for my kids!”

“Love how I was able to just print it out cut the pieces and laminate! Super easy and my kids love it! Thanks :D”

“I purchased Volume 1 a few months ago and now Volume 2 as well. They are great books, easy to put together, and engaging for the kids to play with during church. Thanks for another great product Natalie!”