Natalie – The Creator

I am a young momma with four cute kids that definitely keep me on my toes. I have 2 busy boys and 2 little girls who stay just as busy as their brothers! I love crafting, although sewing has proven itself time and time again to not be a great talent of mine.

My own ‘Interactive Book of Mormon’ started years ago. I had a 2 year old and wanted him to learn the scripture stories better than I did growing up. Knowing how well children grasp concepts through play and visuals, the idea just came to me to make my own book. My little homemade version caught some attention when Pinterest started up. After lots of hard work and one illustrator later, we compiled what is available now. It’s been a fun journey! I think I’m most grateful that I have learned so much about the scriptures in the process and can help pass that along to my own kids!

Andrea – The Artist

Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to draw pictures for books. I would study each illustration I came across and think, “I bet I could do that!” And then I would get out my pencils and sketchbook and spend the next few hours seeing if I could. I took my first art class with my dad when I was eleven, and I continued my art education until I graduated, twelve years later, from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree.

I’m now the lucky wife of an awesome man and the happy mom of two sweet and silly little kids, but I still (somehow) make time for art. When Natalie asked me to illustrate her Book of Mormon Stories for Kids, I was beyond thrilled! It was the perfect opportunity to combine the things I’m most passionate about –my family, the gospel and art– into one book. It is so rewarding to see how our hard work has blessed not only our families, but also other families, too. It’s been a fantastic adventure so far, and I can hardly wait to see what will come next!