Here are the most frequently asked questions

Will I get these books in the mail?

No, these products do not come in the mail. These books are available through instant digital download on Etsy. You will receive an email with a link to download the pdf file of the book. After they are downloaded to your computer or external device you can print them out and follow the provided assembly instructions to complete your books!

Do you offer pre-assembled books for an additional fee?

At this time we do not offer pre-assembled books.

What do you use in the videos to attach the interactive pieces?

In the videos the pieces are attached with sticky tack/poster putty. It comes in a package that you can find at most office supply stores and even Walmart and grocery stores carry it. It is extremely inexpensive at about $1.99 and is enough for all the pieces in both books. It keeps the books quiet unlike Velcro and enables the pieces to be moved anywhere on the page.

Can I still use Velcro to attach my pieces?

Velcro is still a great option for attaching the interactive pieces. It does cost a lot more and can be loud, but it still works great. There are full instructions on how to attach Velcro the right way on the assembly instructions page.

Do you plan on making other Interactive Books/Products?

Yes! We are currently working on My Interactive Bible Stories- the first book being The Old Testament. This will be completed in the Summer of 2014. The New Testament will be the next available book to follow.

Can I use this purchase to make a book for each one of my kids?

Your purchase license on etsy allows you to create ONE copy of the book. If you are interested in additional licenses, we offer any additional prints beyond the first at 50% off. Just send a quick message and we will send a coupon code your way as soon as possible.

Can I download the file and print it at a store?

Absolutely. Your license lets you print it at home or at a store. You may not make more than 1 copy unless you have purchased additional licenses.